• Green – Beginners – first time on skis
    Objectives: Snowplough turns, traversing and adjusting to the slope, sudden stops, avoiding an obstacle, control of execution and speed on curves, acceleration and deceleration, standing up.

  • Blue - Snowplough turns on blue piste
    Objectives: Parallel-ski turns on the blue piste, first approach to the red pistes, slopes and speed.

  • Red 1 – Parallel turns on red pistes
    Objectives: Parallel turns on red pistes, centrality and stability of the upper body, bending of legs and use of ski pole

  • Red 2 – High-speed parallel turns on red pistes
    Objectives: alterations in slope and control of speed in parallel turns, different turn radius, angulation, use of ski pole and correct distribution of movement (rhythm).

  • Black – Controlled turns with edge grip on black pistes
    Objectives: Dynamic centrality, stability, parallel skis position, weight distribution, different inclined positions, forward change.

  • Platinum – for black level skiers, introduction to freestyle, freeride, humps and snowpark
    Objectives: Safe skiing on black pistes with uneven terrain, how to use the snowpark, improving technique on humps and jumps, and fresh snow.



  • Green – Beginners – first time on a snowboard
    Objectives: Simple curves, traversing and adjusting to the slope, sudden stops, avoiding an obstacle, experimenting with switch riding, acceleration and deceleration, standing up and simple use of ski-lifts.

  • Blue - Curves on the blue piste
    Objectives: good control of the board, switch curves, basic flat tricks, approach to the first red pistes and the slope.

  • Red – Semi-controlled curves on red pistes
    Objectives: Semi-controlled curves on red pistes, control of the board on black pistes, switch riding, basic freestyle manoeuvres and movements.

  • Black – Controlled curves on black pistes and basics of freestyle and freeride
    Objectives: safety on the black pistes with variable terrain and humps, improving piste technique in snowparks and in fresh snow.